Webinar – Enhancing Motivation for Change

A patient's ability and/or willingness to change their behavior has a direct impact on how effective a treatment may be. Some patients may require more motivation than others with the same chronic illness. During this one-hour Webinar, clinical experts Suzanne Bailey, PsyD, and Rachel Hovis, MD, from Cherokee Health Systems will provide an overview of using motivational interviewing within a primary care clinic. The session will outline key concepts and techniques of motivational interviewing, how to recognize ambivalence, roll with resistance and elicit change talk. Attendees will have the opportunity [...]

Podcast – A Difficult Conversation

During Behavioral Health Month, the syndicated radio show Tennessee Matters spoke with Michael Pastori about depression and substance abuse in the behavioral health setting. The focus is on what many describe as the "Difficult Conversation" between patient and doctor when it comes to alcohol and drug use and how it affects the care provided to treat a behavioral health issue. Pastori also wrote the blog "Three Steps for Improvement: Screening Patients for Sensitive Information" about the topic. You can read it here. Speaker: Michael Pastori Please click this link to listen [...]