BSI VIPP Call Recording

Listen to the recording to hear from patients living with kidney disease answer questions and talk about their experience with Dialysis.

Partnering Together

During this one-hour Webinar, learn more about the Network Patient Representative (NPR) program including the benefits for the patients and clinics of having a NPR at your dialysis clinic. Hear from current NPRs who have partnered with their clinic staff to improve the patient experience at their clinic. Don’t miss this opportunity to increase the patient engagement at your clinic.

Understanding Depression, Uremia and Care Transition

Patients with a chronic disease can develop depression and/or uremia which present with similar symptoms. However, if you are an End Stage Renal Disease patient, the consequences for both can be serious. Discover how clinicians from all settings can help transition patients from one care pattern to another by easily identifying behavioral health issues that may present as other conditions. Listen to a joint atom Alliance and End State Renal Networks (ESRD) Networks 10 and 12 discussion about depression versus uremia and care transition as it applies to patients newly [...]