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COVID 2021: Managing Difficult Behavior
Constructive Responses for Residents Experiencing Neurocognitive Challenges

This 60 minute webinar education provides constructive applicable responses to resident “difficult behaviors” related to dementia-related neurocognitive impairments and/or mental illness.

Speaker Cynthia E. Baker, Regional Clinical Director for Deer Oaks Behavioral Health Solutions, provides education and constructive interventions that are applicable for both direct care and leadership professionals working with and on behalf of residents with dementia.

Baker describes common behaviors, their purpose, triggers, and constructive interventions along with a discussion of common emotional disturbance and differentiating possible mental health issues from day to day living as an aging adult.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe important information regarding types of behaviors and their etiology.
  • List six reasons for inappropriate or difficult behaviors.
  • Apply at least three preventive approaches to reduce problem behavior.