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Reminding ourselves that the patient we are caring for is a person with wants, needs, history and emotions is important to remember each time we interact with them. Understanding how to provide care that is person-centered and not just clinical is essential to a patient’s overall well-being. In this lesson, you will learn about:

Module 2: Person-Centered Care
  • Prevent problems and treat them when necessary
  • Empathy for residents and provide compassionate care
  • Foster healthy relationships with your residents
  • Initiate a learning circle
  • Understand the CMS definitions of abuse
  • Understand behavioral health in the long-term care setting
  • Understand dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

In order to assess your knowledge prior to this lesson, you will need to complete the following pre-test. Once you’ve viewed the video, you’ll be asked to complete the post-test to assess what you’ve learned.