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A patient’s ability and/or willingness to change their behavior has a direct impact on how effective a treatment may be. Some patients may require more motivation than others with the same chronic illness.

During this one-hour Webinar, clinical experts Suzanne Bailey, PsyD, and Rachel Hovis, MD, from Cherokee Health Systems will provide an overview of using motivational interviewing within a primary care clinic. The session will outline key concepts and techniques of motivational interviewing, how to recognize ambivalence, roll with resistance and elicit change talk.

Attendees will have the opportunity to discuss strategies for training and supporting provider’s utilization of motivational interviewing techniques, as well as learning from sample clinical scenarios demonstrating brief interventions using motivational interviewing in a primary care setting.

What you will learn

  • How to describe motivational interviewing as a conceptual model for enhancing patient motivation.
  • Discover a list of basic concepts and techniques of motivational interviewing.
  • How to identify why the use of highly confrontational interventions are less likely to evoke behavior change.