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Adult immunization rates have remained low despite increased availability of adult vaccines. One reason for low adult vaccination rates is that vaccines are typically associated with childhood health care, and are not part of regular adult preventive care—many adults are simply unaware that they should be vaccinated.

To encourage adult vaccination, the atom Alliance supports and encourages adult immunization efforts through community outreach. We work with senior centers, churches, community centers and others, providing education and facilitating partnerships with pharmacies to immunize senior populations.

In this On Demand Learning Event, “Innovative Outreach to Encourage Adult Immunizations”, we feature facilities in the states of AL, IN, KY and MS that have successful adult immunization events in their communities.

The learning objectives are to:
1) Encourage community partnerships to raise awareness about the importance of adult vaccinations
2) Show best practices and suggestions on how to have a successful immunization event
3) Promote education to Medicare beneficiaries to ensure they understand the importance of immunizations
4) Show how relationships across communities can be leveraged to create a positive impactful event and encourage health and wellness