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atom Alliance experts have compiled four modules targeting key issues impacting the quality of care delivered in nursing homes. These ready-to-teach modules have everything a trainer needs to educate nursing home staff. Here’s what topics are covered in each module:

Module 1: Partnerships
  • Survey and certification process
  • Resident’s rights and family engagement
  • How the Eden Alternative Domains of Wellbeing tie back to resident’s rights
  • Quality Assurance Performance Improvement concepts like effective teamwork, leadership
  • Root Cause Analysis and problem-solving techniques like “the 5 Whys”
Module 2: Person-Centered Care
  • Prevent problems and treat them when necessary
  • Empathy for residents and provide compassionate care
  • Foster healthy relationships with your residents
  • Initiate a learning circle
  • Understand the CMS definitions of abuse
  • Understand behavioral health in the long-term care setting
  • Understand dementia and Alzheimer’s disease
Module 3: Prevention
  • Prevention of infections
  • Workplace illness and injury
  • Pressure injury prevention
  • Protect the health and safety of nursing home staff, residents, and visitors
  • Established guidelines and regulations
  • F-tags pertaining to Infection Prevention and Control
  • Environmental cleaning
Module 4: Preparedness
  • Protect the health and safety of everyone in your building
  • Create a comfortable, safe environment for your residents, your visitors, and your staff
  • F-tags that outline requirements for the physical environment in long-term care facilities
  • Preventing falls
  • Emergency preparedness planning
  • Public health emergencies