Train the Trainer Toolkit
This four-part lesson does that by providing insight on key issues that impact the quality of care delivered in nursing homes. These ready-to-teach modules consist of knowledge assessments (a pre-/post-test), video learning and downloadable resources and tools provided upon competition of each lesson.


QAPI Companion Guide
Download: QAPI Companion Guide
This companion guide is designed to help your team recognize and understand the major components of the Quality Assurance/Performance Improvement Initiative (QAPI).
Fishbone Diagram - Interactive
Download: Fishbone Diagram – Interactive
The Fishbone Diagram is a visual representation of many possible causes for an effect or problem.
Five Whys RCA Planning Tool
Download: Five Whys RCA Planning Tool
The Five Whys Planning Tool is a simple problem-solving technique that helps to get to the root of a problem by asking “Why?”.
PIP Summary Form
Download: PIP Summary Form
The Performance Improvement Project (PIP) Summary is a systematic plan for conducting PIPs by developing a SMART goal, identifying the root cause, brainstorming interventions, and conducting PDSA cycles.
CSC Intervention Tool Sheet
Download: CSC Intervention Tool Sheet
This Intervention Tool Sheet is used for brainstorming interventions or corrective actions which target elimination of the root cause findings.