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PDSA Examples


Use these Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycles as a guide to develop your own or try any that you think might work in your facility.

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QAPI Written Plan How-To Guide


The QAPI plan will guide your organization’s performance improvement efforts. The QAPI regulation requires a written plan. This plan is a framework for an effective, comprehensive, data driven program that focuses on the indicators that reflect outcomes of care and quality of life.

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Reducing Restraints Tips


Restraints can cause harm, but there are alternatives. By making informed decisions, we can make resident care safer. Learn about your residents’ physical and emotional needs and individualize their care plans to meet needs. Ask questions about each resident in your care, and for those with restraints, use restraint alternatives when possible.

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Antibiotic Stewardship Toolkit for Nursing Homes


Nursing homes are encouraged to work in a step-wise fashion, implementing one or two activities to start and gradually adding new strategies from each element over time. Any action taken to improve antibiotic use is expected to reduce adverse events, prevent emergence of resistance and lead to better outcomes for residents in this setting.

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Facility Assessment


The purpose of the assessment is to determine what resources are necessary to care for residents competently during both day-to-day operations and emergencies.

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CDI Toolkit


This toolkit should be used by providers and other healthcare professionals working to reduce HAIs. Each section contains information and additional online resources that can be used at any stage of progress.

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Opioid Word Search Game


Fun and educational! Word game that teaches the facts about opioids.

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Sepsis Zone Tool in Spanish


Zone tool for patients to assess sepsis symptoms after leaving the hospital. (Spanish version)

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Sepsis Zone Tool


Zone tool for patients to assess sepsis symptoms after leaving the hospital.

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Renal Failure Zone Tool


Zone tool for patients to assess renal failure after leaving the hospital.

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Seating Ideas for Nursing Home Residents


This booklet shares ideas on how to provide exceptional seating for elderly residents in an effort to reduce and/or avoid the application of restraints.

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Fishbone Diagram


Getting to the root cause of a system’s issue is important to prevent the problem from returning.

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Elements of Pressure Ulcer Prevention – A Discussion and Evaluation


Most pressure ulcers are preventable. Here are some elements of pressure ulcer prevention. Read, discuss and answer the questions; then, use your responses as part of a facility pressure ulcer prevention self-evaluation.

Elements of Pressure Ulcer Prevention – A Discussion and Evaluation2019-09-20T13:12:43-05:00