Training Series Overview

Qsource, supported by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and the Tennessee Department of Health, is partnering with select nursing homes in Tennessee to implement individualized pain management strategies and improve opioid safety. This web-based training program is offered to participating nursing homes to support pain management practices in their facilities.

There are three training sessions, which should be viewed in order. A short pre-test is required for each participant before viewing any training sessions. A short post-test is also required after viewing each individual session.


Pre-Test | Required – Click Here

Training Topics

  1. Connecting pain management and opioids to quality measures
  2. Applying opioid guidelines to nursing home residents
  3. The importance of specific indications when treating pain
  4. Differentiating between sources of pain and how they respond to opioids
  5. Increasing the accessibility of non-opioid pain treatments in your facility
  6. Fulfilling federal Quality Assurance Performance Improvement (QAPI) requirement, if needed

If you cannot complete all lessons at this time, please bookmark this page.

Training Session 1

Pain and Opioid Background and Clinical Practice Guidelines for Nursing Homes

Training Session 2

Specific Indications: The Key to Individualized Pain Management

Training Session 3

Project Tools: Your Team, Comfort Menus, Assessing Pain, Aligning With Regulations

Additional project resources are available at

The Civil Monetary Penalty Quality Improvement (CMPQI) Reinvestment Program funds this quality improvement project.