COVID-19 has forever changed how care is provided remotely to patients. Telehealth has become to go-to medium in which clinicians are connect with their patients as a way of diagnosing and monitoring health conditions.

Qsource has a long history in working with healthcare providers when it comes to Telehealth services. We’ve done this through our assistance with electronic health records to connect patients data with their multiple providers creating better health outcomes. We’ve worked with providers to educate staff and patients on the benefits of telehealth, bringing everyone on the same page in the care provided and technology used.

To further assist, we’ve collected telehealth resource that have proven useful when providing care. If we can be of any assistance to you, please contact us.


Telehealth Toolkit

Each toolkit contains electronic links to reliable sources of information on telehealth and telemedicine, which will reduce the amount of time providers spend searching for answers and increase their time with patients. Many of these links will help providers choose learn about the general concept of telehealth, choose telemedicine vendors, initiate a telemedicine program, monitor patients remotely, and develop documentation tools. Additionally, the information contained within each toolkit will also outline temporary virtual services that could be used to treat patients during this specific period of time.

General Practitioners

End-Stage Renal Disease Providers

Webinar: Using Telehealth to Improve Quality Measures

Webinar: Why Telehealth Webinar Series

  • Telehealth Session 1: Program Implementation
  • Telehealth Session 2: Making the Right Call on Telemedicine
  • Telehealth Session 3: Outcomes and Lessons Learned
  • Telehealth Session 4: Education and Simulation
  • Telehealth Session 5: Clinical, Operational and Financial Perspectives