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PDSA Examples


Use these Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycles as a guide to develop your own or try any that you think might work in your facility.

PDSA Examples2019-09-20T12:55:31-05:00

Reducing Restraints Tips


Restraints can cause harm, but there are alternatives. By making informed decisions, we can make resident care safer. Learn about your residents’ physical and emotional needs and individualize their care plans to meet needs. Ask questions about each resident in your care, and for those with restraints, use restraint alternatives when possible.

Reducing Restraints Tips2019-09-20T12:57:06-05:00

Seating Ideas for Nursing Home Residents


This booklet shares ideas on how to provide exceptional seating for elderly residents in an effort to reduce and/or avoid the application of restraints.

Seating Ideas for Nursing Home Residents2019-09-20T13:07:26-05:00
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