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Opioid Word Search Game


Fun and educational! Word game that teaches the facts about opioids.

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Opioid Tapering and Disposal Resources


The Team for Innovation in Medication Safety (TIMES) shares new resources and tools for tapering opioids and disposing of them properly. Learning Objectives 1) Review key components of the CDC Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain 2) Locate and access TIMES-developed resources for tapering opioids and safe drug disposal 3) Apply TIMES-developed resources on tapering opioids, managing withdrawal symptoms, and safe drug disposal to specific patient scenarios Presenters Bill Bryant MD, FAAFP, CAQ (Geriatrics), CMD, CPPS, Geriatrician and Chief Quality and Patient Safety Officer, Owensboro Health System Teresa DeLellis [...]

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These hand-picked resources were chosen to help providers and educate patients on the potential adverse drug effects. They were developed by the Team for Innovation in MEdication Safety (TIMES), a collaborative of healthcare providers and patients in Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee. The goal of TIMES is to improve medication safety by decreasing unnecessary medication use. Since the resources are quality improvement interventions, TIMES will track the distribution and request occasional feedback from those who use them. Your personal information will never be shared, and any data shared will [...]


Understanding Opioids to Improve Outcomes and Safety in the Long Term Care Setting


PLEASE NOTE: You must be REGISTERED to view this On-Demand Learning Session In this session, guest speaker Dr. Don Teater share his knowledge from almost thirty years helping patients with opioid addiction. He identifies the relative effectiveness of common pain medications, describes the side effects and explains some alternative treatments for pain to improve clinical outcomes and reduce costs. Speaker: Don Teater MD, MPH Don Teater is a family physician who has lived and worked in western North Carolina for the past 28 years. In 2004, he started a [...]

Understanding Opioids to Improve Outcomes and Safety in the Long Term Care Setting2020-10-06T09:43:01-05:00
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